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Laboratory of Forest Biology
Wrocław University

ul. Sienkiewicza 21, 50-335 Wrocław, fax +4871 322 28 17
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We are dedicated to the creation of basic scientific knowledge about biology of forests – the most diversified natural terrestrial systems. We perceive forests as systems (networks) of multilaterally connected organisms and interlaced processes. We attempt to reconstruct the character of these interrelationships. This knowledge is mostly created through empirical studies of biological processes in forests, through studies of ecology, behaviour and evolution of forest inhabiting organisms. We put a strong emphasis on long-term (over 35 years) field studies in forest areas least changed by man (the primeval forests of Białowieża). We disseminate this knowledge through publications, teaching, and public outreach. We intensively use the results of our studies in practical efforts to preserve forests and organisms dependent on them.

We offer graduate level courses (in Polish) of forest biology, animal ecology, and behaviour for students of biology and environmental sciences. We can host a limited number of postdocs as well.

Last Updated 12 August 2017